Californian massage & Esalen

Californian massage is a relaxing discipline whose effect is equal to that of a Swedish massage or other types of wellness massage.

Californian massage & Esalen in Brussels and Belgium

The Californian massage, also called Esalen massage, began in early 1970 during a group psychotherapy session in California, USA .

We practice Californian & Esalen massage at home, in Brussels and in Belgium.

What is Californian & Esalen massage?

The Californian massage is a work on the sensitive and relational level. Based mainly on touching techniques, it is an exercise on sensitivity and the reappropriation of one's body.

The Californian massage is a standard relaxation massage. It is best practiced, with large, gentle movements, listening to the skin and the sensitivity of the body. This massage consists essentially of learning the art of touch to provide the body with well-being and relaxation.

The Californian massage is mainly focused on three parts of the body:

  • Bust massage.

  • Belly massage.

  • Back massage.

Californian massage & Esalen cheap in Brussels and Belgium

Course of a Californian & Esalen massage session

A Californian massage session lasts an average of one hour. The practitioner uses scented oils to facilitate his movements of great softness and often, a first session of contact is made between him and the patient in order to establish the confidence which guarantees the effectiveness of the massage.

The benefits of Californian & Esalen massage

The Californian massage acts on several levels: the mind, the body and the emotion. It brings many benefits such as:

  • Better psychological balance.

  • Elimination of negative states like anxiety, tension, anxiety and stress.

  • Better knowledge and acceptance of your body.

  • Relaxation of muscles and the whole body.

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