Hawaiian massage & Lomi lomi

This massage is an ancient healing technique, inherited from the indigenous Polynesians of Hawaii, including traditional master healers.

Hawaiian massage & Lomi lomi in Brussels and Belgium

"Lomi lomi" is a Hawaiian term meaning "massage", "squeeze" and "knead". Thus This massage is an ancient healing technique, inherited from the indigenous Polynesians of Hawaii, including traditional master healers.

We practice Hawaiian & Lomi lomi massage at home, in Brussels and in Belgium.

What is Hawaiian & Lomi lomi massage ?

The latter are passed on the practice of Hawaiian massage - lomi lomi massage from generation to generation in order to touch the mind, respect and attention linking the heart, body and soul at the source of life. Do you like it? Find out how it works in our tip.

Hawaiian massage philosophy & Lomi lomi

This form of massage has the rare characteristic of being marked by an authentic Hawaiian philosophy.

The latter is based on two fundamental theories :

  • the "Huna" which wants all creatures to seek love and harmony ;

  • "Mana" or the fact that energy is flowing through our body. This philosophy is that if we are suffering from tension or pain, it is because this energy has been found to be "upset".

Thus, Hawaiian massage reflects the feeling of extremely deep inner-outer connection among Hawaiians: a connection between the environment and man but also between the physical and the mental.

It will harmonize the energy that circulates in each of us and reconnect all the parts that make up our being.

Good to know: the "Huna" theory states that all our cells have a memory and that our mind and body form an inseparable whole with the emotional and the spiritual.

Hawaiian massage & Lomi lomi cheap in Brussels and Belgium

How a Hawaiian & Lomi Lomi massage is performed ?

The treatment lasts about an hour :

  • it is made using warm or even hot monoi oil, used in very large quantities

  • in Hawaii, it can be accompanied by a steam bath

The gestures, influenced by martial arts and dance, are fluid and rhythmic, performed with :

  • forearms

  • hands

  • the fists

They alternate :

  • simple and sliding presses

  • stretching

  • friction

  • kneading

Benefits of a Hawaiian & Lomi lomi massage

Its virtues are to allow refocusing, to come back to oneself because the care facilitates letting go.

It also allows :

  • stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation which results in a better general state of health ;

  • to loosen the muscular tensions that it highlights and eliminates in order to allow the flow of energy to circulate normally again;

  • to alleviate stress through a harmonization of this same energy and a reconnection of our inner parts, a personal refocusing;

  • to acquire greater serenity and, after the massage, to be in a more peaceful mental state.

In this sense, this treatment is particularly recommended for people confronted with:

  • a big change,

  • delicate transitions in their lives,

  • any other time they may feel as fragmented or scattered.

This massage allows them to refocus and thus regain a certain rectitude in their lives..

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