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Hope this has clarified things for you and as mentioned before if there is anything you are unsure whether or not you need it is generally safer to leave cookies enabled in case they interact with any of the features you use on our site. However, if you are still looking for more information, you can contact us via one of our preferred contact methods: our contact form.


We do not store any personal data on any of our physical customers or visitors to our website without their consent. We do not transmit any of your personal data to anyone. Your email address will be used only within our company, in order to respond to the emails you have sent to us via our contact form, as well as for the sponsorship program. Each visitor is free to contact us if he has any complaints about our website.

The types of massage we do

Our massages are based on relaxation and well-being, pleasure is the main priority of our sessions, in this case, we do not do any massage for medical, paramedical or physiotherapy purposes.

We do not practice any intimate so-called "tantric" massage.

We do not perform any massage on minors, not because it is forbidden, but only in view of their fragility, therefore we prefer to avoid any manipulation that could harm their growth.

We do not perform massage on people with special medical conditions or on pregnant women.

  • Fever, bacterial or viral infection, therefore in the presence of an infection, the activation of the cardiovascular system is contraindicated for the heart in particular

  • Thrombosis, Phlebitis (= inflammation of a vein following the presence of a blood clot), so that stimulation of the circulatory system by massage could cause this clot to migrate into a pulmonary artery thus causing an embolism pulmonary, which if massive can be fatal

  • Serious heart or lung disease, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, cerebral hemorrhage, because too tonic and / or too deep a massage can lead to heart palpitations in a person with a fragile, tired heart

  • Diseases related to the bones and the skeleton, such as osteoporosis which weakens the bones and promotes fractures

  • Acute inflammatory conditions, such as in the joints such as a sprain, ligament rupture, muscle tear, which could be made worse with massage

  • Skin problems (dermatoses, wounds, recent scars likely to become infected)

  • Nausea, abdominal pain, recent wounds or scars, skin infection, fibroid or tumor, acute back pain, acute inflammatory disease

  • Certain coagulation disorders (a massage that is a little too tonic and energetic could cause the formation of hematomas in people with more fluid blood than the norm and weakened vessels)

  • In the event of pregnancy (the pregnant woman can be massaged, but later during her pregnancy in the absence of contraindications, the massage can cause a miscarriage).

  • Infectious (scarlet fever, measles, etc.) or contagious (skin disease e.g. impetigo) diseases

  • Haemophilia

  • Skin disease

  • We do not perform any massage on minors, not because it is forbidden, but only in view of their fragility, therefore we prefer to avoid any manipulation that could harm their growth.

  • Some professional massage therapists agree to perform massage sessions on this type of patient, although they do so under certain precautions and medical advice, we prefer to be radical in categorically refusing this type of patient.

    We direct this type of patient towards medical, paramedical, physiotherapeutic practices, and pregnant women towards therapeutic massages dedicated to pregnant women, performed by massage therapists trained in this discipline.

  • Varicose veins: Affected areas should not be massaged.

  • Diabetes: The massage of the legs in diabetics is to be avoided, not of tonic massage in pressure also.

  • Cancer, leukemia, tumor: Each cancer is different, it is essential to ask prior agreement from the attending physician. In some cases massage may be a total contraindication while in other cases it may not be

  • Epilepsy

  • Transplant / Transplantation

  • If you have an illness that we have not mentioned, or a poor physical or psychological state of health, or you have any doubts, in this case:
    - Inform us before making an appointment.
    - Consult the advice of your attending physician before making an appointment.
    - Provide us with written medical permission.
    - Send us your informed authorization.

    The actions we will take regarding you will be as follows::
    - Either the exclusion of essential oils.
    - Or the exclusion of certain areas to be massaged (indicated by your doctor).
    - Or a less tonic, lighter and softer massage with an energetic aim.
    - Either the three combined at the same time.
    - Or a pronounced refusal on our part to massage you.


Let us know if:

  • You have an allergy to one or more essential oils, several combinations of essential oils are available to you. In case of intolerance to all essential oils, or simply in case of doubt, we will avoid the application of these essential oils during your session.

  • You are in the period of menstruation, because there is a contraindication to any deep and mobilizing touch of the belly and the abdominal area.

  • You are a nursing woman, in this case we will avoid the application of these essential oils during your session.

  • Avoid eating just before a massage session, opt for a healthy and light snack.


Before making an appointment, all customers are required to approve our release form.

We send this form either by hand (in A4 format) or in electronic format (by email).

To approve this form, you must sign it (A4 format), or accept it by email by responding positively to the email.

The release form is a short document, which briefly mentions our terms and conditions.

By accepting this form, you confirm on your honor that you are not one of the type of people we exclude from our sessions, for security reasons.

No release form will be valid until the customer has validated it himself.

Privacy Policy

We do not record any data on any of our physical customers or on visitors to our website.

Our website does not store any cookies, which is why our website does not offer you to accept them.

We do not share any of your personal data with anyone.

Your email address will be used to respond to emails you sent us via our contact form, as well as for the referral program.

We have no newsletter system, we will never send you a promotional email.

Each visitor is free to contact us if they have any complaints about our website.


All content on our website is ours.

Some of our images have been purchased and belong to us (under the Envato license), others are from the Unsplash image bank and are royalty free for our use.

Some texts on our website were not written by us, but we have taken them again, because we agree with the author of these texts, and we thank him for his work, therefore, all sources are mentioned below each text that was not written by us.


All our prices are displayed with the tax included (including VAT) Belgian VAT of 21%.


Payment for the service is made either by cash or by bank transfer, if you wish you can also receive an invoice.

We do not sell any products on our website.


All our products used comply with current European laws.

Any customer is free to ask us for the origin of our products (essential oils, massage oil, etc.), so that we can provide them with the justification.


We select for you only the best brands in order to ensure the best quality of all our products.

We take care to test all our products before putting them on sale to best meet the requirements of our customers.


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