Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer the most frequently asked questions below.

1. What types of massage do you do?
  • Our massages are based on relaxation and well-being, pleasure is the main priority of our sessions, in this case, we do not do any massage for medical, paramedical or physiotherapy purposes.

  • We do not practice any intimate so-called "tantric" massage.

  • We do not perform massage on minors.

  • We do not perform massage on people with special medical conditions or on pregnant women.

2. How can I make an appointment?
  • Either by phone.

  • Or via our contact form.

  • You must tell us the date and time of the appointment that interests you and also tell us if you want a massage at home.

3. Can I come accompanied?

Our sessions are based on calm and relaxation, so there is no sense in coming with someone, in this case the person accompanying you will have to wait outside.

4. What if I have special medical conditions, illness, or general ill health?
  • Inform us before making an appointment.

  • Consult the advice of your attending physician before making an appointment.

  • Provide us with written medical permission.

  • Send us your informed authorization.

5. What if i'm late?

Contact us by phone in advance, about 10 minutes before the appointment to let us know about your delay, so that we can rearrange our agenda. If your delay is too long, that is to say, 30 minutes or even 1 hour or more delay, we can in this case make the decision to cancel or postpone your appointment, without even your consent.

6. How long does a session last?

The session lasts for the time you have chosen for the session, at the end of each session we include additional rest time, so that your body relaxes after the session.

7. Can I eat before the massage session?
  • Avoid eating just before a massage session, opt for a healthy and light snack.

8. Are there any contraindications to massage?

All our contraindications are displayed here:

See contraindications
9. What are the hygiene measures?
  • All equipment is cleaned and disinfected rigorously before each treatment.

  • The cover for the massage table, the towel and the cushion cover, the relaxation eye masks are washed and replaced after each session.

  • A surgical mask and hydroalcoholic gel will be at your disposal during the service.

  • A shower before the session is recommended, but not obligatory, you have the possibility of taking a shower on site, either before or after the session, this service is included in the price, but not obligatory.

10. What justifies your rates?
  • Our long years of experience and long training abroad (Montreal in Canada and Bangalore in India).

  • The time devoted to the massage session.

  • The investment of quality products used during the session, such as essential oils, candles, massage oil, made in France and 100% organic.

  • Single-use products such as sheets, towels, cushion covers, relaxation eye masks are replaced after each session.

11. What products do you use?
  • For massage oil, we use top quality oil, applicable to all skin types, 100% natural and organic, free of any chemicals, contains no animal products, not tested on animals, manufactured in France.

  • Our essential oils for aromatherapy are also of superior quality, we have taken the care to choose a range that is applicable on all types of skin, 100% natural and organic, devoid of any chemical product, contains no original product animal, not tested on animals.

12. What is the appropriate outfit?
  • For women, the chest and lower private parts should be covered with underwear.

  • For men the private parts of the bottom must be covered by an underwear.

  • We also put a towel at your disposal, during the session, to cover these areas..

13. How does a home massage work??
  • We travel everywhere in Brussels and throughout Belgium, provide a small supplement for a trip to Brussels and a larger supplement for a trip outside of Brussels.

  • You have to plan a small supplement for the trip that we will make to your home, with the bare minimum, namely massage oil and essential oil, this supplement will be more important if we have to travel with our massage table.