Chinese massage & Tui Na

Here are the secrets of traditional Chinese massage to rebalance the energies in your body.

Chinese massage & Tui na in Brussels and Belgium

Among the different massages that exist around the world, there is one that is several millennia old, which can be an alternative to ailments of the body as well as to those of the mind: the famous Chinese massage, practiced in the East of our borders.

We practice Chinese & Tui massage at home, in Brussels and Belgium.

What is Chinese massage & Tui Na

Also called Tui Na massage, traditional Chinese massage is one of the many branches that make up traditional medicine of the Middle Kingdom.

A good Chinese massage also incorporates certain principles, it is practiced by stimulating the same points on:

  • the back

  • the feet

  • The belly

Chinese massage & Tui na cheap in Brussels and Belgium

Chinese massage techniques & Tui Na

There are hundreds of different massage techniques that involve :

  • fingers

  • the wrists

  • the palm of the hand

  • elbows

  • knees

  • the feet

It is then a question of carrying out movements :

  • pressures

  • stretching

  • friction

The benefits of Chinese massage & Tui na

As with all massages, the main benefit is a feeling of general well-being to which can be added:

  • back pain relief

  • relief from colds, migraines or digestive problems

  • stimulation of blood circulation

  • immune system stimulation

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