Full body massage

The complete massage has the advantage of acting on the whole body to bring well-being and long-term health.

Complete relaxing massage in Brussels and Belgium

It is performed on the entire body of the patient and is a complete treatment. It also provides deep relaxation while stimulating circulation and oxygenating the entire organism.

We practice full relaxing massage at home, in Brussels and Belgium.

The benefits of a full massage

The full massage provides physical and mental well-being :

  • It acts on the blood circulation.

  • It stimulates muscles and joints.

  • It promotes the elimination of toxins.

  • It improves energy renewal.

  • It helps to relax.

  • It helps to make your sensitivity more positive.

  • It helps focus emotions.

  • It helps to manage stress.

  • It helps to avoid the disorders related to the depressive feeling.

  • It helps to meditate on one's spirituality.

Cheap full relaxing massage in Brussels and Belgium

Complete massage: the steps to follow

The full massage does not require any protocol device. A few things just have to be respected:

  • A lying position to better capture energy.

  • Cover the body with a warm towel.

  • Use essential oils appropriate to the desired effect.

  • Always massage towards the heart.

  • The first contact will be at the level of the shoulder blades.

  • The movements vary according to the areas to be exploited: kneading, light touch, tapping, friction or rubbing are the main gestures.

Full massage: precautions to take

Too much pressure should be avoided if the patient has varicose veins. All the points of the body show correspondences, but you only have to press more on: the neck, back and feet. These points act on the general condition of the body.

The contraindications of this massage

The full massage should not be administered to patients with diabetes or subjects with heart problems. The same goes for patients with arterial hypertension.

People who have had recent surgery should also not be fully massaged. This is also the case for those with infectious diseases.

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  • 100% natural and organic.

  • Free of any chemicals.

  • Does not contain any product of animal origin.

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